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with Alan Murray

The running and sports injury clinic was developed to provide a diagnostic, treatment  and performance enhancement service to various athletes and runners.  In order to understand the cause of running or sport injuries,  specialised and precise static biomechanical analysis must be conducted.

An initial evaluation is performed to determine how one’s structure, function or performance technique may be influencing their movement. This comprehensive evaluation includes taking a detailed injury history, assessing musculoskeletal structure and posture.


At Botanica we provide all types of Physical Therapy treatments with emphasis on functional restoration.
We are very advanced in rehabilitation of sports specific repetitive trauma disorders as well back pain and rehabilitation of lower and upper kinetic chain disorders.

We use most advanced  and effective modalities like Long Wave Therapy (LWT), and Ultrasound.

We feel that establishing proper functional and structural diagnosis is a priority because it dictates the choice of technique or method, which should be, used in particular case, however; even then, not a single technique is either preferable or superbly efficient in itself. Over the years of practice I have learned to integrate various methods into optimally successful treatment protocols.

“Most importantly, our goal is to put you on the road of recovery and enjoy pain free living.”

Alan Murray

Alan Murray – Bsc Hons, MSST, DipST

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