“I open all the drawers of my apotheca, and let everyone look into them, even to the last little tea-box and the smallest oil bottle.”

Sebastian Kneipp (1898)

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Botanica Health Blog

Befriending the Darkness

Life is a Growth in the Art of Loss John O’Donohue   As I took my daughter to the train today she said that every day feels like World Mental Health Day. We read and hear constantly about the struggles all around us. Sometimes I wonder if this exacerbates feelings we may not hold so … Continued

Andrographis for Immunity, Inflammation, Infections and More

Andrographis paniculata is a herb native to India, traditionally known as the “King of Bitters”. Used for centuries Andrographis is a bitter tasting plant, giving us an insight in to its support for the liver. It is the perfect choice where someone complains of poor gut health.  Symptoms of gas, bloating and bubbling are a … Continued

Blackberry, Elderberry and Star Anise Cordial

Nature Gives to Every Time and Season Some Beauties of its Own Charles Dickens There is a real feel of summer merging into autumn. Nature gently shows us this transition. The air suddenly seems to take on a different feel, and while the days might still be warm there is certainly something changeable about September. … Continued

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Our focus is botanical medicine, nutrition, and positive emotional wellbeing. With 30 years of experience, we take pride in helping our customers to find solutions to health issues affecting their lives
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