Dandelion fresh plant juice


Dandelion fresh plant juice


May help support the urinary system. Dandelion fresh plant juice contains various oils and minerals such as calcium, manganese phosphorous, potassium, silica, sodium and sulphur. Dandelion juice has traditionally been favoured for its metabolic effects, especially as a detox.

“Leave what you find in nature as natural as possible!” This was the motto of Mr. Walther Schoenenberger (1901-1981) the founder of the Salus fresh plant juices.

Salus fresh plant juices are concentrated nature. The healing plants are pressed on the day of harvest, and the juice is immediately bottled. The juices are not modified by sugar, alcohol, preservatives or solvents. So the effective ingredients of the healing plant can work together harmoniously with its other components to develop their natural effects, just like the plant itself.


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