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Covid-19 and Dandelions – Part 2 by Brian Lamb

It is likely that everyone will catch the ubiquitous COVID-19 virus. Most will never know they contracted it.

Despite this, fear is rampant and destructive, and it can be seen on every street and it is perpetrated by the media.

What is seldom mentioned is our awesome immune system. The integrity of our immune system is the deciding factor between being relatively free from symptoms and developing a severe illness and it pays when we know what to do to boost immunity. There is indeed much we can do.

Our first pillar of health is sleep and it insures strong immunity. Our second pillar of health is food and drink — diet.

Certain foods boost immunity but many lower it. The key foods to boost immunity are fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, black and green tea, Asian spices and curry and thank goodness, dark chocolate! These key foods are rich in polyphenols. However, there is a spring time herb now coming into bloom that will provide a tonic to the immune system and that herb is the glorious Dandelion.

Many see this plant as a weed-pest and spray it to oblivion. Those who are wise will use it as a potent weapon against COVID-19. All parts of the Dandelion have been used in traditional medicine in various ways but mostly to strengthen the liver. In this short article I would like to discuss its use as an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory herbal infusion.

The flower head and latex-containing stalk possess the following remarkable properties:

1. a rich source of polyphenols to protect the lining cells of hollow organs in our body including the lungs.

2. anti-inflammatory.

3. anti-oxidant to protect us against hydroxyl radicals.

4. a chemo-preventive agent.

5. last but not least an anti-viral action.

Here is a suggested use: take three large flower heads including as much stalk as you can. Infuse them in a cup of boiling water, cover and strain when cold. This drink may be taken twice daily to great advantage during this time of a viral pandemic.

16 responses to “Covid-19 and Dandelions – Part 2 by Brian Lamb

  1. Hello !
    Thank you for your newsletter.
    Can you eat as a salad as well ? Cold ? I have picked some, washed and chopped it in a salad with leaves, flowers and stalk covered with vinaigrette and a few cherry tomatoes . It was lovely.

      1. Some people don’t like the bitter taste of dandelion leaves – tip: pick only the young leaves from the inner plant and also take the “spine” of the leaf out and just use the leaf either side of it. If you put a plant pot over your dandelion plant and “force” it,, the leaves will also have less of a bitter taste. I don’t know how that will affect their nutritional value, though. I absolutely adore them in a cheese and vecon (or Marmite) sandwich: my treat in spring time.

  2. Thank you for this interesting & useful information. I’m going to try to try to add dandelion 2 my diet

  3. That is very useful. Thank you. Is there a way of storing the liquid for any length of time or does it just go off? Really appreciating all your postings.

  4. I still have some of your dad’s dandelion leaves in my cupboard. Makes a lovely drink. I shall certainly be making sure j take 2 cups every day. It has been invaluable in the past.

  5. Hi Naomi. I’ve just purchased Vogels Dandelion tincture for fluid retention. Can I use it instead of freshly infused Dandelion, if so, what dosage in drops? The bottle says 15 drops 3 x day in a little water. Thanks.

  6. Interesting article. I just ran across an article published by a chinese medicine doctor saying the same thing but he also stressed that the shape of dandelion flower was very similar to that of Covid virus. Based on Chinese traditional medicine, the similarities in shape is often an indication of the herb’s functions. Thanks for sharing!

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