Why you don’t have to live with it

When I read The Magnesium Miracle a few years ago I was in the dark about the importance of minerals for optimal health.

I realise now when I see on a weekly basis the difference magnesium makes in peoples lives, even in conditions where all else has failed.

I received this wonderful email this week and have been given permission to share.

Time and time again I meet people who have been told that nothing can be done.

Just this week I have met several people with various health problems, that have hit a brick wall.

You realise on spending a little time with them that actually something can be done they have just been guided down the wrong track.

Don’t lose hope.


Thank you for the prompt delivery of my latest order of two bottles of Remag. I am writing because this product is literally changing my life.

I have suffered with arrhythmia for 15 years, and latterly have also had episodes of atrial fibrillation. My doctor advised me to “live with it” and take Warfarin to minimise the risk of a stroke.

I have known for a long time that the heart relies on a good supply of magnesium to function properly, but have never been able to tolerate enough without getting diarrhoea. I have tried transdermal magnesium but I have a history of skin problems, so it was difficult to tolerate except in a fairly weak solution., which was never enough to raise my levels. I also tried liposomal magnesium, but even that caused tummy upset.

I read about Remag in a book by Dr Carolyn Dean called “The Miracle of Magnesium”, and hoped I would be able to source it in the UK. Botanica Health to the rescue!! I have only been taking it for a week, and already my heart rate is stabilising. Astonishingly also my arthritis is improving, and my psoriasis seems calmer. It feels as though my body has been crying out for magnesium for years, and that finally I have found a way to absorb it. (I have also discovered that a company called Better You make a transdermal spray for sensitive skin, which I am using in tandem with Remag. I use the RDA of each, meaning I am taking twice the RDA at the moment to get my levels up).

I am euphoric at the thought my heart problems may improve or even go away altogether. Arrhythmia is very frightening and debilitating, and atrial fibrillation can be life threatening.

Please forgive this lengthy email. I wanted firstly to thank you for stocking such a cutting edge product; and secondly to offer that this email could be used as a testimonial on your website if you like. If not, you have my permission to forward it to any of your clients who may be interested in Remag. Please do not stop stocking it!!!

Kind regards
Deb Tayler



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