The Anxiety Survival Guide

The Anxiety Survival Guide
“Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.”
Arthur Somers Roche


During times of uncertainty levels of anxiety and depression can increase.

Thoughts can become overwhelmingly troubled and negative. Black and white thinking is common and you can begin to feel quite alone in your own repetitive thoughts.

It becomes habitual. Often beginning upon wakening.

And so the day begins and already thoughts create anxiety, tension, stress and depletion.

But there are practical ways to turn these feelings around, and also specific vitamins, minerals and herbs to support the nervous system.

I recently visited a local garden with beautiful plants, flowers and trees.

I bent down and took in with awe the beauty before me of these works of creation, the design, colour and smell.

You forget how the scent of a rose or the aroma of lavender swaying in the wind carries you somewhere. Out of the chattering head space, in to the present moment. And it can be glorious.

It takes effort to make a daily promise to yourself.

Stay present. Walk through a forest, field, park, your own garden and take in every sight and sound.

When you go to bed at night take with you a pen and pad and write down every worry, however small they may seem.

Being alone for too long can be detrimental and it is helpful, often lifting the spirits, to spend time with a like-minded friend.

There are many studies linking low vitamin and mineral status to anxiety, worry and depression and there is a great deal of scientific data on the beneficial effects of herbs for these conditions.

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