The Energy of Emotions by Brian Lamb Medical Herbalist

As we enter the autumn, we would do well to safeguard our immunity. It is astonishing that virtually nothing is said in the media about our first line of defence, our awesome immune system. Why is this? Surely it cannot be ignorance or is there a deeper agenda? Whatever the answer, we must personally take … Continued

Getting back to basics

Our lives are a constant interchange of emotions from joy to sadness, from laughter to crying, solemnity to introspection. All of which is normal as everyday experiences interplay with our hormonal ebb and flow. So why do we stigmatise anxiety and depression? Why are so many fearful of sharing their inner feelings as if somehow … Continued

Care versus overcare

Compassion and care are loving emotions that bring about positive feelings for you and the person you care for. Something as seemingly small as a kind word, a door being held open, or a smile provides regenerative energy for the giver and receiver. Loving care is a kind and healing emotion for both parties. Sometimes … Continued