Kidney and Bladder Cleanse Recipe

Health note by Brian Lamb Medical Herbalist Barley is a specific therapy for the kidneys and bladder. This drink is valuable for eliminating toxins and during a bout of cystitis. In most cases it will assist in the treatment of Eczema or other inflammatory diseases of the skin where the kidneys may be stressed. Here … Continued

Beetroot Systemic Detoxifer and Nutritional Powerhouse

This is a lovely recipe my dad developed some time ago. The original recipe used the smaller variety of oranges, but I am using blood red variety. A powerhouse of nutrients containing beetroot, blood red orange (tangerine, clementine, mandarin or satsuma are also good), raisins and walnuts. Key benefits – BEETROOT Lowers blood pressure and … Continued

Cleansing With Cleavers

Cleavers grows abundantly in our hedgerows and springs up in waste places and fields. It is a traditional spring tonic and in 1652 Nicholas Culpepper wrote, “it is a good remedy in the Spring, eaten (being first chopped small, and boiled well) in water-gruel, to cleanse the blood, and strengthen the liver, thereby to keep … Continued

Spring Cleansing Smoothie

This fabulous quick recipe encompasses powerful health promoting ingredients. Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, detoxifying, immune-boosting and cleansing this amazing smoothie has a powerhouse of benefits. The perfect spring drink!   The Recipe 1 cup of fresh chopped pineapple 1 small banana (or double the amount of pineapple) 1 tablespoon chia seeds soaked the night before in half … Continued