The Energy of Emotions by Brian Lamb Medical Herbalist

As we enter the autumn, we would do well to safeguard our immunity. It is astonishing that virtually nothing is said in the media about our first line of defence, our awesome immune system. Why is this? Surely it cannot be ignorance or is there a deeper agenda? Whatever the answer, we must personally take … Continued

The Anxiety Survival Guide

“Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.” Arthur Somers Roche   During times of uncertainty levels of anxiety and depression can increase. Thoughts can become overwhelmingly troubled and negative. Black and white thinking is common and you can … Continued

The Healing Capacity of the Vagus Nerve

It is common to hear people talk about ‘gut feelings’, ‘gut reactions’, or perhaps a ‘feeling in the gut’, and you will probably at some point have experienced butterflies before a stressful event or after an upsetting encounter. You may be surprised to know that the gut has as many neurons as the spinal cord … Continued

Getting back to basics

Our lives are a constant interchange of emotions from joy to sadness, from laughter to crying, solemnity to introspection. All of which is normal as everyday experiences interplay with our hormonal ebb and flow. So why do we stigmatise anxiety and depression? Why are so many fearful of sharing their inner feelings as if somehow … Continued

Surviving the sabre toothed tigers

FEELING WOUND UP? STRESSED? ANXIOUS? States of mind that large numbers of us are very familiar with in our busy, full-on, hectic lives. Also feelings that so many of our young people are struggling with, as I see in my work as a school counsellor and psychotherapist. It is thought that as many as 1 … Continued

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve had anxiety

Last Friday was like any other day at Botanica; the unexpected can happen. We have a gentleman in his 80’s who comes to us on a regular basis to collect a tonic for a chronic lung condition. He also happens to have chronic anxiety. Californian Poppy soothes his nerves but we have been unable to … Continued

Ignorance and Neglect

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland situated in the neck just below the Adams Apple. The thyroid controls metabolism (which is why poor thyroid function can inhibit weight loss no matter how much you exercise) and nearly every other aspect of health including mood, energy and circulation. Thyroid damage can lead to underactivity (hypothyroidism), … Continued

Butterflies and SSRI’s

GUT FEELINGS Have you ever wondered about the sensation of butterflies in your stomach when you are worried or anxious about something? That you may have to run to the toilet when you are upset? When you are feeling uptight your digestion shuts down and you experience bloating and indigestion? Your thoughts affect your gut … Continued