SmartDOT Double Energydot Radiation Protection for Mobiles


SmartDOT Double Energydot

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A SmartDOT is programmed to harmonize or retune the electromagnetic frequencies from the electronic equipment you use regularly.

This double pack is cost effective and can be shared:-)

Protection from mobile phone and EMF radiation.

  • Harmonize harmful EMF radiation from wireless devices; mobiles, tablets, computers etc. Retune the radiation and relieve the effects of electro-stress.
  • Supports better sleep, a clearer mind, improved focus, fewer headaches.
  • Continuous powerful natural energy support to boost your energy levels.
  • Strengthen and optimizes your energy field all day every day.
  • Stick to your wireless items, priorities: mobile phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, tablets, baby monitors etc.
  • Low Powered Magnet programmed with a high vibration natural energy. For a mobile or cordless phone, the SmartDOT can be inserted into the battery compartment if you can access it or just stick to the back.

Each cell in our body acts like an antenna, an extremely sensitive transmitter of electromagnetic radiation; the body will thus ‘pick up’ and react to any such field to which it is exposed. Retune these fields and enable the body to relax. Do you use your mobile phone with reluctance? Are you uncomfortable or do you get tired working on your computer? There is scientific and public concern that our high exposure to electromagnetic radiation could have a detrimental effect on health.

Peel off the protective backing paper and attached the DOT to your device. For a mobile or cordless phone, the smartDOT can be inserted into the battery compartment if you can access it. Stick one onto any device that you feel discomfort in using or you feel contributes to any experience of symptoms of electro-stress.

The smartDOT does not have to go in a specific position on your equipment but ideally you would put one on each item. If you have a computer with a wireless keyboard and a monitor you will only need one smartDOT. use a smartDOT on any device: mobile or cordless phone laptop or computer tablet Wi-Fi router games console baby monitor in your car TV/DVD unit hairdryer.

We are surrounded by electro-magnetic frequencies from our phones, computers, tablets, and the ever present wi-Fi. There is mounting concern about the health effects of this exposure. EnergyDots are EMF protection devices. They provide a simple yet powerful and affordable solution. They are “harmonisers” which means they work by retuning the emissions from devices.

Double-blind placebo controlled research and the experiences of many users demonstrates that EnergyDots can make a positive difference.

For more information and research on Energydots see here.

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