RnA Drops Trial Size Bottle


RnA Drops Trail Size Bottle


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Nature’s perfect nutrient

Product Size: 7.5ml in a 10 ml bottle (100 drops)

  • Perfect your cells
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Amplify your happiness
  • The original RnA Drops, with ongoing generations since November, 2010, can never be duplicated or replaced

RnA Drops respond to each individual’s body chemistry and subsequently they taste differently to every person. Therefore, we can’t possibly predict what they will do for you. Therefore, to help you decide, we offer the RnA Drops Trial Size bottle at a greatly reduced price so you can take them for a test run before buying a larger bottle.

Directions for Use

Begin at one drop twice a day and increase weekly by one or two drops. Let it sit under your tongue for a few minutes, rolling it around in your mouth for the benefit of your gums and teeth. As saliva builds up and dilutes the drop, you can swallow but don’t immediately follow with food or drink. Wait a few minutes before you do so. The average dose is very individual. With this trial size bottle, you can stay at 2-3 drops a day for one month as you decide whether you want to engage in a larger sized bottle of RnA Drops. The average dosage of RnA Drops can be from 5-20 drops taken sublingually twice daily.

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