RnA Drops. Nature’s Perfect Nutrient


RnA Drops provide a welcome ReSet for your body.


RNA is one of the basic building blocks of cellular production and regeneration. RNA directs DNA to create protein. Yet, science focuses on DNA and overlooks RNA. As you may know, DNA is double-stranded, making it less flexible than single-stranded RNA. The flexibility of RNA makes it the appropriate vehicle to influence the perfection of our cells.

RnA Drops are nature’s perfect nutrient. The RnA Drops allow your body to fully process what you are already ingesting. RnA Drops enhances the body’s potential for balanced nutrition.


Begin at one drop twice a day for one week and increase by one or two drops each subsequent week. Let the drops sit under your tongue for a few minutes, rolling around in your mouth for the benefit of your gums and teeth. As saliva builds up and dilutes the drops, you can swallow but don’t eat or drink for about 15 minutes. The average dose is very individual. It can be from 5-20 drops taken sublingually twice daily. For more information and guidance on the use of RnA Drops in pregnancy, while breast feeding, for people on medication, those “sensitive to everything,” giving them to children or pets, go to our Dosage FAQs.

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