Pukka Menopause Serenity


Pukka Womankind Menopause



Pukka Menopause Serenity has been specifically formulated for women going through the menopause.

This expertly blended formula will help you stay calm, cool, energetic but relaxed.

A botanical blend containing organic vitamins B and D, Shatavari, Sage, Ashwagandha and other nourishing ingredients.

This formula will help reduce hot flushes, balancing hormones and nourishing the adrenals.

Reduce feelings of anxiety and balance libido.

Directions: Take 1 or 2 capsules a day before food with water or Pukka Aloe Vera juice.



Additional information

Weight 10 g




Shatavari root (31%), Sage leaf (19%), Shatavari root wholistic extract (10%), Ashwagandha root, Turmeric root wholistic extract, Aloe Vera juice concentrate, Seagreens Arctic fresh seaweed, Vitamin D2 (Mushroom) (3%), Spirulina, Ginger root, Vegetable cellulose capsule. Contains non-organic anti-caking agent – silicon dixoide


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