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Power Health Feverfew capsules


Power health Feverfew capsules.

Traditionally used for migraines.


Feverfew is most often used to prevent migraines.

Feverfew appears to be effective when taken long term, with efficacy increasing in strength for the first 12 weeks of supplementation. Taken this way it appears to reduce the severity and frequency of migraines.

Migraines and Feverfew

Power Health Feverfew capsules contain parthenolide, the active component responsible for its anti-inflammatory effects.

The name Feverfew comes from the Latin ‘chases away fevers’ and so has traditionally been used for cases of fever.

It is also used for inflammation and menstrual problems and studies show its anti-inflammatory effects on conditions such as Erythema Erythema and Feverfew

Feverfew benefits

Weight 10 g


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