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Organic Astragalus tincture

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High quality organic astragalus tincture by Organic Herbal Remedies.

Botanical Food Supplement.

Soil Association organic certification GB5.

Our product only contains the finest quality tincture of organically produced astragalus membranaceus.

Tinctures are the most bio-available way to take herbs.

We use the same high tincture strength as many professional herbalists. The ratio of astragalus root (also known as huang qi or yellow vetch) to pure organically produced alcohol is 1:3.

Each 1ml is the equivalent of 333mg dried root. We use alcohol as that is the most effective way to extract the synergistic benefits of the whole herb. Suggested intake levels are very small (up to 4ml three times a day)

Herb from USA. Tincture manufactured and bottled in the UK to GMP approved standards. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Studies on Astragalus

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