Fushi Organic Rose Petal Oil


Fushi Organic Rose Petal Oil


Fushi Organic Rose Petal Oil is triple infused and fresh-pressed.

Rose petals are infused with organic Sweet Almond oil to help deliver the benefits of the rose flower to the skin.

Fushi Organic Rose Petal Oil is moisturising and soothing helping the skin to glow.  The uplifting, sensuous fragrance of rose petals also offers therapeutic benefits.

This freshly pressed bottle of oil was made by infusing approx. 6000 rose petals for every 1k of oil.

Packaged in a glass bottle to protect the contents from heat, light, oxidation and moisture.


Massage gently in circular motions until absorbed. For deep moisturisation apply to damp skin.

Store in a cool dark place. Oil should be used within 6 months once it has been opened.

Additional information

Weight 10 g



Origin : Pakistan; Almond Oil Kernels from Spain, pressed in Germany

Organic Rose Petals (Rosa Damascena) infused in Organic Almond Oil, Cold Pressed, Unrefined.

Certified Organic by the Soil Association Licence No: DA22368.


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