Forefront Health – Vitamin K2 Thyroid Support


Forefront Health’s “Advanced” Vitamin K2 Thyroid Support is optimized to help

  • Protect Against Hashimoto’s & Estrogen
  • Restore Blood Sugar Handling
  • Protect Against Heart Disease & Diabete
  • Boost Testosterone Production (in Men)
  • Prevent Fractures in Osteoporosis
  • Protect Against Cancer



Restore Blood Sugar Handling

Vitamin K2 can help decrease blood glucose, restore blood sugar handling, and boost metabolism (even with type II diabetics) to keep you and your energy stable all day long.

Protect Against Heart Disease & DiabetesVitamin K2 helps helps prevent hardening of the arteries and helps lower cholesterol levels.

Boost Testosterone Production (in Men)Vitamin K2 increases healthy testosterone production in men, while reducing endotoxin levels that inhibit testosterone, impair liver function, and suppress thyroid function.

Prevent Fractures in OsteoporosisVitamin K2 improves mineralization of bones & teeth, reduces risk of cavities, lowers risk of fractures, and helps make bones stronger.

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