BioDOT and SmartCLIP Radiation Protection


BioDOT and SmartCLIP Radiation Protection

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BioDOT and white SmartCLIP Radiation Protection that can be used on wireless devices and clipped on to straps and belt loops.

  • BioCLIP: Protect yourself from wireless radiation and negative energy when on the move and SmartDOT: harmonize harmful wireless radiation relieving the effects of Electro-Stress
  • Supports better sleep, a clearer mind, improved focus and fewer headaches.
  • BioDOT radiates a natural high vibration energy. Exposure to this energy provides a natural energy support to boost your energy levels
  • BioCLIP: A ready to wear BioDOT option, clip to a belt loop, bra strap or pop it in your pocket SmartDOT: Stick to your wireless items, priorities: mobile phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, tablets, baby monitors etc.
  • Low Powered Magnet programmed with a high vibration natural energy

Recharge your battery by wearing a BioCLIP.

A BioDOT is affixed to the reverse of the metal disk (BioCLIP) which can be clipped to any item of clothing, belt loop and bra straps.

The BioDOT is powered by phi technology. It holds and radiates a natural energy signature which continuously retunes and revives your energy field. A truly cost effective way to beat the ‘energy blues’ and get the most out of your day.

The BioDOT is the personal DOT. The DOT for you to wear. It is programmed with powerful resonant Phi Technology. The natural, coherent frequencies used in this programming harmonize or retune your energy field.

They remind your energy field of its optimal state, making it more coherent and resilient. It is like recharging your battery, restoring and rebalancing your energy. Ideally wear your BioDOT all the time – day and night.

The BioDOT can be used by adults (including pregnant women), children, babies, pets and even plants.

The energetic programming is not affected by water so you can wear your BioDOT in the shower, bath or pool.

This pack Includes a SmartDOT for your mobile, computer, tablet or Wi-Fi router.

The SmartDOT is programmed to harmonize or retune the electromagnetic frequencies from the electronic equipment you use regularly. Each cell in our body acts like an antenna, an extremely sensitive transmitter of electromagnetic radiation; the body will thus ‘pick up’ and react to any such field to which it is exposed. Retune these fields and enable the body to relax.

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