The Power of Thought

It has long been said that you are what you think you are.

William Shakespeare said

 “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so”.

A number of studies have shown that placebo pills can work just as well as potent drugs,

and ‘fake’ surgery performed on people believing they are having the real thing can produce effects equal to actual surgery.

This study showed that simply believing you are receiving an expensive drug produces beneficial effects as in patients with Parkinson’s, including actual biological changes. And this study .

Dr Bruce Lipton wrote a powerful book The Biology of Belief that I advise you to buy.

It turns a lot of what we have been taught to be turned on it’s head and provides hope and encouragement.

The emerging science of EPIGENETICS  is also one that helps you break free of the notion that your genes control you.

Genes have to express themselves and do so according to your environment – thoughts, emotions, food, exercise and other environmental factors.

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