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It has been almost a month since we launched our health shop online and what a fantastic response we’ve had.
We will be adding more lines as we go along, but if there is anything you particularly need please ask because we may well have it (or a better suggestion) it may just not be visible yet online!

We have an amazing range for you to browse through including an entire category on Anti Inflammatory products, a fantastic Hair, Skin & Nails category, (the Donkey & Co Soap is our favourite) and many others that will be relevant to you.

One of most popular online products is our range of different teas. Our Honeysuckle Tea is a firm favourite and mustn’t be missed.
Donkey Milk Soap
Most of us start the year with a new year’s resolution – a good intention – by now I think it is fair to say a few may have already fallen by the wayside. You may be left feeling disappointed, annoyed and defeated. Fear not. Life is a process of refinement, every day is a fresh start and a new beginning.

“In ancient times, those who wished to illuminate the world with virtue first brought order to their nations. Wishing to order well their nations, they first harmonized their families. Wishing to harmonize their families, they first cultivated themselves. Wishing to cultivate themselves, they first rectified their minds. Those who wished to rectify their minds first made their intentions sincere.” Confucius

If you have any questions about products please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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