Winter viruses – B V Lamb, Medical Herbalist

Reports from across the UK speak of rapidly debilitating viral attacks that don’t look like the usual ‘winter flu’. Just why do these viruses appear mostly in the winter? The answer may cause you to establish an anti-viral strategy.     Viruses are mostly opportunistic like a housebreaker who will target a house in darkness with no … Continued

The Undiagnosed Epidemic

More and more people are fed up and tired of feeling fed up and tired, and it sometimes feels that no one is listening. Could the reason be an undiagnosed and untreated thyroid imbalance? Inadequate testing, mostly relying on the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) test, and ignoring of common symptoms can leave a person feeling … Continued

Depression, bipolar disorder and magnesium

Psychiatric disorders are becoming more and more prevalent in society and in people in all walks of life. The 2007 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity in England study showed that nearly one person in four (23.0 per cent) had at least one psychiatric disorder and 7.2 per cent had two or more disorders. Mental instability disables the … Continued

Signs you may have a B12 deficiency

B12 deficiency lurks silently but common symptoms and commonalities include – Poor memory, a decline in cognition, dementia or Alzheimer diagnosis MS or other neurological disorders Constant tiredness and low energy Autism spectrum disorders Bipolar, depression, anxiety A smooth tongue Muscle weakness and problems walking Pale skin   B12 deficiency is a widespread silent epidemic. … Continued

Why Ashwagandha Is So Beneficial

Do you sleep like a baby, rising refreshed with a clear mind ready for what the day is going to bring? Or do you feel unrefreshed, with a foggy head and a sense that perhaps you ‘feel’ a little toxic. What is clear is that sleep is absolutely vital for emotional and physical well being. … Continued

Vitamin D

I mentioned a while ago about a gentleman who for years had suffered terrible night sweats, having to change his clothes at least 4 times a night. He has been through the medical mill seeing every specialist in many a field of medicine. Around 3 months ago one of these specialists thought to check his … Continued

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