I’m not ashamed to say I’ve had anxiety

Last Friday was like any other day at Botanica; the unexpected can happen. We have a gentleman in his 80’s who comes to us on a regular basis to collect a tonic for a chronic lung condition. He also happens to have chronic anxiety. Californian Poppy soothes his nerves but we have been unable to … Continued

Fennel eye wash for irritated eyes

Fennel has always been used traditionally for irritated, itchy eyes and even for conjunctivitis. A fennel eye wash is ideal when suffering with hay fever. 17th century herbalist Nicholas Culpepper wrote, ‘Fennel increases milk, cleanses the eyes from mists that hinder sight and take away the loathings which oftentimes happens to the stomachs of sick … Continued

Don’t let these steal your peace

“Rest and be thankful.” ―William Wordsworth Does peace seem impossible to attain? Are these thieves stealing yours?   Busyness Life can seem so full there is not time to rest and reflect. The calender is full of appointments, meetings, things to do and people to see. It’s OKAY to not be busy. Don’t wear being … Continued

Lessons from centenarians

Living to 100 may seem impossible. It is certainly unusual and those who do you always want to know their secret, which is often unexpected, simple and unscientific. Reading The Blue Zones, 9 lessons for living longer  revealed that attitude, faith, purpose and good relationships to be the golden thread through the lives of these … Continued

Running, bus conductors and the heart

Research has shown that music conductor’s have some of the healthiest hearts.   Is it due to the arm waving around the heart, strengthening the heart muscle? Or perhaps, as I am more likely to believe due to the music, reducing inflammation, producing a calming, healing effect on the body.   Jeremy N. Morris, a … Continued

Hay fever – 8 ways to build resistance now

Spring seems to be on the way with the appearance of buds and daffodils, birdsong and brighter days. A lovely feeling is in the air of new life and opportunities. We welcome this seasonal change and look forward to enjoying all that a beautiful spring has to offer. With dandelions and detoxifying herbs, wild garlic … Continued


Loneliness and a nutrient deficit in a world of abundance   Studies are now showing that there has been a 50% rise in children on antidepressants in the last 7 years. But antidepressants double the risk of suicide in these vulnerable children. Something HAS to change.   What a sad state of affairs. What is … Continued

The Power of Thought

It has long been said that you are what you think you are. William Shakespeare said  “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so”. A number of studies have shown that placebo pills can work just as well as potent drugs, and ‘fake’ surgery performed on people believing they are having the … Continued

The Astounding Benefits of Honeysuckle Tea

I have to admit until a few months ago I hadn’t thought or heard of Honeysuckle Tea until a lady asked me if we stocked it. I put my detective cap on and started an investigation. I found articles in The Times and The Telegraph with intriguing studies of its ability to fight flu, but … Continued

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