Magnesium is a Miracle Drug

‘When someone dies in front of you it can be a little unsettling. Thankfully, sometimes, all they need is a little extra magnesium.’ Magnesium is a Miracle Drug is a guest post by Dr Dan Keown, an A&E doctor with a degree in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and author of the best selling book The … Continued

Hold 2017 in the palm of your hand

3 easy ways to improve your health in 2017   Every day, without any thought, the average person breathes in and out about 25,000 times. We are not conscious of this fact and yet science shows us that conscious deep breathing can boost immunity, ward off depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure and even help … Continued

Reflections of 2016

“Dear old world’ she murmered, ‘you are very lovely and I am glad to be alive in you.” -L.M.Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables. Before we go headlong in to another year it is always good to reflect. We might already have ‘New Year Resolutions’, but surely we must look back a little to go forward. … Continued

Healing Turmeric Golden Paste Recipe

HEALING GOLDEN TURMERIC PASTE Turmeric (Curcuma longa), is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the ginger family Zingiberaceae, which is native to tropical South Asia. How to make and use this this highly bio-available golden turmeric paste   The Recipe 1/2 a cup turmeric powder 1/3 a cup of coconut oil 1 – 2 … Continued

Garlic, chilli and ginger special

Let every meal be a medical prescription This is one of my favourite rapid recipes. I love it on oatcakes with cheese, added to omelettes, spread over hot cheese and toast and I do have friends who love it on the side of their roast dinner! It has numerous uses and health benefits and can … Continued

Garlic, nature’s antibiotic

My first experience of garlic was when suffering from whooping cough as a baby, my father, long before he became a qualified medical herbalist, slathered vaseline on the soles of my feet and stuck slices of garlic on top, before putting my socks on. I obviously can’t remember this but am told that within half … Continued

The Pill – an endocrine disruptor by design

“The pill has to disrupt the endocrine system in order to stop the production of endogenous hormones. The hypothalamus, the pituitary gland – the brain’s control centre for hormones – is what the pill overrides to prevent pregnancy. When we hear the term “endocrine disruptor” it’s normally in relation to other environmental toxins. In the … Continued

The trouble with rest

There is no trouble with rest. The only trouble with rest is the guilt we put on ourselves. Too much to do, keep going, reply to all those emails, especially the ones that say “did you get my email” – oops. It is okay, good and right to rest. You don’t need permission from anyone. … Continued

Getting back to basics

Our lives are a constant interchange of emotions from joy to sadness, from laughter to crying, solemnity to introspection. All of which is normal as everyday experiences interplay with our hormonal ebb and flow. So why do we stigmatise anxiety and depression? Why are so many fearful of sharing their inner feelings as if somehow … Continued