Elderflower Delight

T h e   E l d e r   – M e d i c i n e   C h e s t o f   t h e   P e o p l e   The Elderflower always brings back childhood memories for me. We would collect it in the local village, using it fresh or … Continued

Toxic Mucus – Guest Post by Brian Lamb Medical Herbalist

Part 4 Toxic mucus We are told that the Covid-19 virus, first of all infects the nose before travelling to the lungs. This explains why some victims experience a loss of smell and taste. However, as stated before, if your immune system is strong AND your diet and lifestyle opposes inflammation, the virus will not … Continued

Weakening the Crown (Corona) with a Supreme Herbal Remedy

Guest post by Medical Herbalist Brian Lamb The word ‘virus’ has instilled worldwide fear but of all biological forms, viruses are the most abundant and ubiquitous. They are essential to life. However, some cause disease. Corona viruses includes the common cold. But what about the novel Covid-19, how can we lessen its effect, if we … Continued

My 10 Lockdown Essentials

What a word! At the beginning of the year how would we ever have foreseen the situation we now all face. But here we are, and some things are supporting me and making my life richer. These are staples and items I appreciate/use/do daily. 1. Flowers – “are a proud assertion that a ray of … Continued

Lilac Syrup

The common Lilac shrub blooms in late spring with heavily scented blossoms hanging densely on the branches. During Victorian times widows could be seen wearing the flower, a reminder of an old love. They symbolize the coming of spring and renewal. One of the earliest blooms to be seen, it gives us a feeling of … Continued

Dandelion Honey

“Forgive me if I never visit. I am from the fields, you know, and while quite at home with the dandelions, make a sorry figure in a drawing room.” ― Emily Dickinson In it’s lifetime a bee will produce a precious 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey. And they love the humble dandelion.   The … Continued

Covid-19 and Dandelions – Part 2 by Brian Lamb

It is likely that everyone will catch the ubiquitous COVID-19 virus. Most will never know they contracted it. Despite this, fear is rampant and destructive, and it can be seen on every street and it is perpetrated by the media. What is seldom mentioned is our awesome immune system. The integrity of our immune system … Continued

Warm Rainbow Salad to Boost and Cheer

A Warm Rainbow Salad to cheer the heart, boost immunity and optimise gut health. This is a warm salad. It is by no means a set in stone recipe and I used what I had. Feel free to mix it about. FACT – red onions are rich in quercetin which inhibits virus activity.   Ingredients … Continued

Beetroot Systemic Detoxifer and Nutritional Powerhouse

This is a lovely recipe my dad developed some time ago. The original recipe used the smaller variety of oranges, but I am using blood red variety. A powerhouse of nutrients containing beetroot, blood red orange (tangerine, clementine, mandarin or satsuma are also good), raisins and walnuts. Key benefits – BEETROOT Lowers blood pressure and … Continued