Andrographis for Immunity, Inflammation, Infections and More


Andrographis paniculata is a herb native to India, traditionally known as the “King of Bitters”.

Used for centuries Andrographis is a bitter tasting plant, giving us an insight in to its support for the liver.

It is the perfect choice where someone complains of poor gut health.  Symptoms of gas, bloating and bubbling are a sure sign of gut dysbiosis where Andrographis can be very useful.

Evidence from clinical studies show this herb can reduce upper respiratory infections, sinusitis, the common cold, rheumatoid arthritis and can relieve diarrhoea, pain and fever.

In the first NHS trial of its kind Andrographis is being prescribed to patients to see if it cuts down the symptoms of colds and viruses. This is an amazing leap and could reduce the amount of antibiotic prescriptions handed out.

In the clinic I have found it a very useful herb for people with chronic infections, gut dysbiosis (imbalance of intestinal microorganisms), low immunity, cystitis and inflammation.

Best taken twice daily, before food Andrographis capsules may support immunity and either prevent or reduce the amount and symptoms of colds and viruses.

Studies show it as a potential treatment for –

It certainly is a remarkable plant with a wide ranging potential for healing.





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